2015 Islands Luthiers Guild Guitar Show

ILGSHOW Plans are already afoot for the 2015 show, which will be held on October 17 at the Errington War Memorial Hall – same place as last year. The show, the entry to which is free, will start at 10:00 am and go to 3:00 pm.  Luthiers showing their instruments will pay a $20 table fee.  Shortly after the show ends (at 4:00 pm), there will be a workshop with Michael Dunn, a well-known luthier and musician from Vancouver.  Following that, at 8:00 pm, there will be an evening concert with The Paper Boys, a wonderful folk band also from Vancouver.  Stay tuned for more details.  This is an event not to be missed!


Views in My Shop

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I spend a lot of time in this shop. It used to be in the house, but the dust from exotic woods was driving everybody crazy, so I fixed up an old storage barn and moved out there. Its a much better environment. You can see out the windows that this is ‘country living’. And playing the banjo chases away a lot of stress.

Under Construction

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The site is always “Under Construction”, but here are some instruments which are also coming along.!  In the gallery now are a wenge guitar, a mahogany guitar and a hickory mandola showing some construction details.  The finished instruments will be posted soon.